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Gabe Michael is Co-Founder and Executive Producer at Forge Apollo, where he specializes in creating digital series, feature-length projects and branded content.

Prior to Forge Apollo, Gabe was a producer at Break Media, the #1 digital media company for male-targeted content creation and distribution, and a producer for leading YouTube multi-channel network Maker Studios, where he oversaw the popular Epic Rap Battles vertical.

Praised by New Media Rockstars as having been "involved with just about every established YouTube happening on Earth lately," Gabe's videos have amassed over 249 million views and counting.
Recently, Gabe wrapped directing his first long-form multi-format digital series titled Ambient. He holds an MFA from UCLA's Producers Program and an undergraduate degree in Film & Electronic Art from Cal State Long Beach.

For business inquires please visit http://forgeapollo.com

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MOTELx 2014 - Spot from EASYLAB on Vimeo.

Spot para o Festival MOTELx 2014/Spot for the 2014 MOTELx Festival


Este filme foi feito inteiramente usando uma mistura de imagens seqüências e stop motion.
This film was made interaly using a mix of sequential images and stop motion.


Produção/Producer: Frederico Serra
Realização/Director: Jerónimo Rocha
Director de Fotografia/Director of Photography: Tiago Xavier
Chefe de Produção/Line Producer: João Cabezas

Música/Music: Filipe Lopes
Sonorização/Sound Design: Henrique Lima - SOM DE LISBOA

Vítima/Victim: João Rapaz
Explorador/Explorer: João Miguel Real

Director de Arte/Art Direction: Luís Monteiro
Aderecista/Propmaster: Sofia Tavares
Assistente de Plateau/Props Assistant: Jorge Amor

1º Assistente de Imagem/Focus Puller: Wiktor Palanovski
2º Assistente de Imagem/Clap Loader: Miguel Varandas

Equipa de Iluminação/Gaffers:
Chefe de Iluminação e Maquinista/Gaffer and Key Grip: Paulo Alves “Joca”
Assistente de Iluminação/Gaffer Assistant: Hugo Alves
Assistente de Iluminação/Gaffer Assistant: Sérgio Alves

Caracterização e Efeitos Especiais /Makeup Fx and Special Effects:
Coordenador/Coordinator: João Rapaz
Caracterização/Makeup: Olga Fernandes
Efeitos Especiais/Special Fx: João Rapaz
Efeitos Especiais/Special Fx: Rita de Castro
Efeitos Especiais/Special Fx: Patrícia Guerreiro
Efeitos Especiais/Special Fx: Olga Fernandes

João Barata
Tiago Nogueira
João Costa
Pedro Bárbara

Apoio à coordenação de Pós-Produção/ Post Production Coordination support: Bruno Caetano
Composição de Imagem/Image Composition: João Miguel Real
Animador/Animator: Bruno Caetano

Contabilidade/Accounting: António Selas
Making Of: Vítor Estudante

Filmado na Quinta de Molha-Pão, Tala
Filmed at Quinta de Molha-Pão, Tala


Posted on Sunday, August 24th 2014

Österlen from the air from Niklas Byström on Vimeo.

Some aerial shots from the beautiful Österlen in Sweden. This is my first aerialfilm and it was filmed during a week in Skåne. More aerial videos in progress. Stay Tuned.

Aerialcinematography: Niklas Byström
Editing: Niklas Byström

Contact: info@byssa.se

Posted on Sunday, August 24th 2014

VHX PSA - The State of Distribution from VHX on Vimeo.


Over the past year we’ve learned volumes about the current state of distribution and the challenges presented to today’s aspiring filmmakers. Working with Erica Gorochow, we created a video to summarize these ideas and help shed light on what the future holds for filmmakers.

Watch it with your eyes, spread the word by sharing with your friends and filmmakers, and let’s work together to change the path of film as we know it.

Apply now for early access: vhx.tv

Team VHX

Directed, Written and animated - Erica Gorochow gorociao.com
Directed and produced - VHX vhx.tv
Music and sound design - Ross Wariner & Cody Uhler uprighttrexmusic.com/
Mastering - Bryan Pugh bryanpugh.com
VHX 3D logo - Bill Bergen vimeo.com/billbergen

Posted on Sunday, July 27th 2014

PROJECT ARBITER (2014) Short Film from Michael Chance on Vimeo.


Buried within history lies a secret war. PROJECT ARBITER.

Facebook - facebook.com/pages/Project-Arbiter/333416092266
Twitter - twitter.com/projectarbiter
Trailer 1 - youtube.com/watch?v=WJv5gWM0JTA
Trailer 2 - youtube.com/watch?v=MsGJdQur8Ks
Official Website - projectarbiter.com
IMDb - imdb.com/title/tt3102156
For inquiries about the project and director Michael Chance,
please contact Michael’s manager, Evan J. Cholfin | Luxhammer.com.

1943. Thousands of feet above Northern Europe a small plane carries a skeleton crew of the Allies best, including special operative captain Joseph Colburn. His handler, major Thomas Hardy does a final review of the mission’s grim intel: infiltrate a mysterious villa on the Polish border and uncover its secrets. Colburn emerges donning a prototype suit, which can temporarily render its user invisible. As the plane’s bay doors howl open Colburn begins to put on the skull-faced helmet when the plane is rocked by an anti-aircraft shell. Rapidly losing air pressure and altitude, now there’s no question… This is a one-way mission.

Burning Ideas presents
in association with r&r Studios and Never Static Pictures
a Michael Chance film

Joe Colburn: Lex Cassar
Tom Hardy: Jake Lyall
Dr. Ernst von Reiner: Tim Coyne
Lieutenant-Colonel Heinrich: William Charlton
Ulrich: Andrew Dillon
Fritz: Artem Mishin
Pilot Walter: Zachary Gossett
Co-Pilot Toby: Zak Waters
Krystyna: Terra Flowers

Written & Directed by: Michael Chance
Produced by: Vicki de Mey
Director of Photography: Jason Beckwith
Composer: Ryan Leach
Sound Design: Steve Boeddeker
Editor: Nelson Nunez
VFX Supervisor: Jesse Boots
3D VFX Supervisor: James McCarthy
Production Designer: Traci Hays
Character Designer: Robert Simons
Costume Designer: Jennifer Filo
Suit Fabrication by: Blue Ream Studios
Executive Producers: Michael Chance, Vicki de Mey, Jason Beckwith,
Robert & Elizabeth Chance, Kimberly Lane, Barbara Carbone,
William A. Peterson, Michelle Ahern, Tim O’Neill

Full credits at: imdb.com/title/tt3102156

© 2014 PAFT, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Posted on Sunday, July 27th 2014

Harry by Manny Fox [Official] from Umbershoot on Vimeo.

"A Sisyphus trope in a hot air balloon. This track chases the enigmatic Harry through bouncing beats, playful vocals and a mesmerising performance."

Directed by Brian Cohen
Cinematography by Felicia Smith
Actor, Leroy Parsons
Choreography, Amy MacPherson

Production Manager, Jessica Pearce
Assistant Camera, Liam White
Production Assistant, Mark Harris

Edited by Brian Cohen
Post VFX: Kim Deylen

Balloon Pilot, Paul Kavanagh
Pilot Assistant, Tim Burns
Catering & Good Vibes, Tristan Kelly & Genevieve Fitzgerald
Lighting, Resolution X

Copyright 2014 | All rights reserved.

Posted on Friday, July 25th 2014

TILT JAPAN from TILT on Vimeo.

Shot in Spring of 2014 with a cannon cyber-shot.
Images from Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Naoshima, Miyajima, Nara and Okayama.

Filmed and edited by Tiago Berbare (TILT)
Aditional camera; Josi Campos
Music By Jemapur - Album Empty - track Civilization Cycle
whispering took from a novel by Haruki Murakami

Posted on Thursday, July 24th 2014

Aviary from K McInnis on Vimeo.

Pigeons (or doves) are filthy and useful, secret and ubiquitous, passenger and carrier. A metaphor for communication as weapon and war casualty.

Posted on Thursday, July 24th 2014